Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Finder

Welcome! If you've found this blog you're probably already a fan of M/M romance, and maybe fantasy or science fiction that includes gay characters. I'll also be blogging about my novels in this genre.

So to get things started here's some information on my latest novel, The Finder. (Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers. Everything mentioned here is background information.) The action takes place about 800 years after a war ruined large parts of the world. People are living simple lives and some of them, called finders, make their living by digging salvage from the ruins. Objects with an unknown purpose are feared as potentially dangerous relics of the great war.

The main character, Rhan, is a finder and is very good at what he does. The problem is that his success relies on his ‘mark,’ which is an unusual ability or physical feature. His society views marks as a contamination of the bloodline and culls people who bear them.

His life gets even more complicated when he is drafted to help hunt a heretic who is rumored to be using an ancient artifact to stir up trouble. And I’d better leave it at that since part of the fun is seeing what happens when Rhan leaves the frying pan and is thrown into the fire. But take a look at the cover and you’ll probably be able to make a guess or two, especially if you read the blurb.

I'll be posting some excerpts here, but a good place to start is on the Dreamspinner Press website where there's already an extended excerpt from the first chapter. There's a handy eBook edition, as well as a paperback version featuring a terrific cover by Catt Ford.